About Us

In 2007 Alan Goodman, in search of a stylish cashmere scarf in the Amherst purple, found only woolen items so rough it would cause worse than razor burn on your face. He came up with the idea of creating a cashmere collection that would be fashionable and celebrate his school tradition. When the finished product came out so great, he decided not to stop at "A", but rather go down the entire list of Ivy League and top schools in the country. This way, he now can make available to loyal alumni, students, graduates, professors, administration officials, spouses, friends and relatives a unique, exclusive and luxurious product at affordable prices.

The line has been an instant success, with celebrities and alumn enjoying the comfort, beauty and warmth of a vast array of 100% pure cashmere clothing items and accessories. Watch for our "stadium collection", debuting next Fall. Watch for new styles and schools being added to the collection frequently.